Zack - In Memory.

History started here. Our first tigerDog.....

We adopted Zack in March 2002. His age and background was unknown. Not a problem to us, we just wanted to give a greyhound/lurcher a second chance in life.

From day one, Zack was a firmly rooted member of the family and was loved by all. We could not go for a walk without people talking to us about him and (of course) patting and fussing him.
He hated it. Not...

It was on one such walk that a small child pointed to him and said to its mother, "Look mummy, a tigerDog." We laughed and then thought what a cool name. So now you know where tigerDog came from.

We had two and a half glorious years with Zack before he was sadly taken from us. It seems like we had him forever and at the same time not for long enough.

The highest tribute we can give Zack is that we have adopted another two greyhounds, Jake and Luke, who will proudly carry the tigerDog banner and continue to enlighten our lives.

  • image: our boy
  • The sun is always shining when Zack is around.
    He is a one-in-a-million.
    Our pride and joy.

    He is Zack.

    Our tigerDog.

This site is dedicated, with love, to Zack. The original tigerDog