The Boys...

Zack, Jake & Luke. The tigerDogs

Welcome to the best section of the site!

As previously stated, the tigerDog web site started off as a bit of fun. We had so many photographs of Zack, we thought that it would be nice to publish them for others to see (and laugh at). It's quite obvious from analysing the site statistics that there are many like minded greyhound lovers out there all over the world.

Since Zack's passing the site has been updated to include the newest members of our tigerDog posse. Yes, you read that correctly.. Members. How did that happen?.. I'm not sure either....

Our first new member of the posse is Jake. Adopted in August 2004, he is six years old and is a white greyhound, with a black patch over half of his face.

The second member of the posse is Luke. Adopted in September 2004. Luke was Jake's cell mate at the rehoming kennels. We went to a sponsored walk on behalf of GRWE and were asked if we would walk Luke around the course. At the end of the walk we had decided to adopt him as well and he came home with us! Luke is also six years old and is a red brindle, like Zack was. Look at his photo's. Go now....

Below are three of our favourite photo's. One of Zack, one of Jake and one of Luke.

  • image: Where's Zack?

    To sleep or eat? Tough question.

  • image: Where's Jake?

    Spot the Greyhound..

  • image: Yellow Snow

    Remember children.
    Don't eat the yellow snow.