Introducing Luke.

The most active tigerDog in the book?.....

This is Luke "the Duke". Quite how Luke became a tigerDog is an interesting story...

The tigerDog family, comprising of Mum, Dad and Jake were invited to a sponsored walk being held on behalf of Greyhound Rescue West of England. After several hours trampling around Delemere forest we returned home with Jake and his new sidekick, Luke. Yes. Two of them. I still have no idea how they did it. We weren't even looking for a second hound...

Luke is six years old and is a red brindle. He fits the tigerDog mould perfectly, except for one thing. He is the fastest thing on four legs I have ever seen. He is affectionatly known as "Luke-a-tic", on account of being a lunatic around the house.

When we first adopted Luke he was a bundle of nerves, frightened of his own shadow. Things came to a head when he was spooked by traffic and slipped his collar and we spent a frantic 24 hours looking for him.

Well since then he is a changed boy. Happy with life, afraid of nothing and a complete lunatic, always wanting to play or be chased. We have had Luke for two years now. He has an awesome presence in the home, a larger than life character and a great friend to his fellow tigerDog and partner in crime, Jake.

  • image: I hear cheese..

    Is that the fridge door we hear?..

  • image: Grr, grr

    Grr, grr. Whatever...

  • image: Angry Teeth

    And these are my Angry teeth...

  • image: IceCream

    Ice Cream. I need Ice Cream.

  • image: Hypnotist

    Look into my eyes.

  • image: Biscuit time?

    ..Is it biscuit time yet?

  • image: Tastes like chicken

    Tastes like chicken.