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Waiting for Santa

You could feel the excitement in the air....

  • image: Jake - so excited

    *So* excited.

  • image: Luke the Elf

    Santas little helper
    ...not impressed

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Santa's been!!!!

So... What did Santa bring the 'Gruesome twosome' this year ?

  • image: Xmas 2007 - lots of stuff

    New duvet, new duvet cover
    and a ton of toys!..

  • image: Jake - Alert or a sleep?

    Jake contemplating the meaning of life...
    Or sleeping with his eyes open. You choose.

  • image: Luke - great striped snake hunter

    Fear the great striped hunter...
    tremble in his mighty presense.

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Christmas Dinner

As most viewers will be aware, at Christmas the tigerDogs enjoy a nice, home cooked Christmas dinner.
For additional evidence, I refer the jury to the years 2004 and 2002. So then, Christmas 2006 in the tigerDog house was no different....

  • image: Jake - Limbo crazy

    The patented
    'How low can you go' pose.

  • image: Jake near the Sea

    After you, no after you old Boy. I insist.......

  • image: Luke eating Xmas dinner

    Luke enjoying his lunch.
    ...Keeping a steady eye on Jake.

  • image: Jake eating Xmas dinner

    Jake enjoying his lunch.
    ...Keeping a steady eye on Luke.

  • image: Swapsies...

    I've eaten mine.
    So it must be time to help you with yours....

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And so endeth another Christmas.

As the sound of sleigh bells and reindeer hooves fade into the ether, it's time to reflect back on another Christmas.

  • image: Luke - Whiskers

    My, my Grandma
    What big whiskers you have..

  • image: Jake - call again

    Thank you Santa
    Please call again.....

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January 2007

During January, the UK experienced the worst gales for over a decade. Trees were up-rooted, tiles were ripped from the roofs of houses and our garden fence took flight. This is how the tigerDogs spent the day.

  • image: Snuggling in bed

    Ooh. Listen.
    Sounds windy....

  • image: Luke - not feeling too sure

    Yes.... Windy.
    Out there, or in here?...

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