Sand, Sea & Surf!

Life's a Beach....

...Talacre Beach in North Wales infact!

Where possible, we like to go on holiday with our boys. Zack always came with us on holiday and the boys have been to Talacre, North Wales.

Talacre is a great place for a tigerDog as the caravan site is dog friendly and there are miles and miles of beach to play on, not to mention the local rabbit population!

  • image: Jake near the Sea

    Just cool off
    The old paws..

  • image: Sand inbetween the toes

    The feeling of sand
    Between the toes

  • image: Making a sand-bed..

    Not quite as comfy
    as a duvet, but...

  • image: Paw prints in the sand

    tigerDog leaving their mark!

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Here we see the tigerDogs in "trecking" mode. Not quite St. Bernards but useful for sniffing out missing chickenbiscuits.....

  • image: Snowdon

    Having a walk
    around Snowdon

  • image: can you taste cheese?

    Schlurp, schlurp..
    Mountain fresh water.

  • image: Rabbit detecting

    Ever alert
    and on the search for rabbits.

  • image: It takes all I have to stay like this

    One tired hound!

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Great Rabbit Hunters

All scream together... BEHIND YOU...

  • image: The 'Great' Hunters

    The hunter looking for rabbits.
    Clue - they're behind the camera..

  • image: tigerDog heaven

    tigerDog heaven..
    Here are the rabbits.

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