Summer Fun!

Sunny Times.

Yee Haa! The sun broke from behind the clouds for two days and it was officially summer in the tigerDog household. Ice Creams all round were the order of the day!

  • image: Ring-o-roses?

    ...Atichoo, atichoo
    We all fall down.

  • image: Good Story

    Good story, Luke
    I haven't heard that one before...

  • image: Shadow

    Even my shadow is...

  • image: Sleep - Snooze

    To sleep or snooze?
    Decisions, decisions..

  • image: Fridge

    I hear the fridge door.
    Beer or cheese? Whatever I'm easy.

  • image: Chillin'

    Chillin' Out
    tigerDog style....

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Moore Nature Reserve, Cheshire

Moore Nature Reserve is just off the A56 (Chester Road) outside Warrington, Cheshire and is an absolutely fantastic place to walk around on a warm summers day.

The boys have spent quite a few days exploring around and here are some of their photo's.

  • image: Ready

    All present and Correct.
    Lets go..

  • image: I-see-no-ships

    I see no ships.
    Nor duvets. Gulp...

  • image: Not impressed

    Jake loves the walk.
    Luke's not so sure!

  • image: My poor feet

    My poor feet.
    Where's my bed?

  • image: Home James

    Home Driver...
    And don't spare the horses.

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