The Good and Bad times...

Holiday Time.

We were fortunate to take Zack on holiday with us in 2004. Here are some of his photos.

  • image: camoulflage

    Blending In.
    Where's Zack gone...

  • image: beginning with W

    ...beginning with W?..
    W you say? W..?
    Nope. Gis a clue..

  • image: do I look comfortable

    Am I comfortable?
    Yeah. Terrific.

  • image: on a walk

    Looking gorgeous.
    How's the bandana?

  • image: the retreiver

    Fetch? Fetch?..Yeah.
    Right. Whatever..

  • image: tidy up

    Anywhere else?.
    Removing evidence of ice-cream.

  • image: chicken biscuits

    Chicken biscuits
    I need chicken biscuits...

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...: Sad Times :...

Sadly 2004 was to be Zack's last year with us, passing away in August. He was the first tigerDog but not the last.....

The year ended on a high with the addition of Jake and Luke to the tigerDog posse.

Woo Hoo. It's Christmas!!!!!.....

Come Christmas morning, in the tigerDog house you could feel the excitement.
Well, both boys were awake... That's a good start!

  • image: Where's Santa?

    Where is he?..
    Where is Santa?

  • image: He's Here!

    He's here. He's here..
    Does reindeer taste like chicken?

  • image: Wow. Presents

    Christmas Presents.

  • image: I want..

    I want this one..
    and this one, and this..

  • image: Get ready

    Get ready.
    And pounce. Got you!

  • image: No chance

    You have the right.
    To be chewed. Squeek squeek.

  • image: So cute

    I'm so cute.
    It hurts...

  • image: Resting between bites

    I can still chew.
    Lying on my back.

  • image: Too tempting

    Play with a toy...
    Or bite Jake?..

  • image: How long can I stay here?

    The balancing trick.
    I am NOT asleep.

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Christmas Dinner

As most viewers will be aware, at Christmas the tigerDogs enjoy a nice Christmas dinner.
Zack's record to eat it was 20 seconds. Jake and Luke are not too far behind... The clock is ticking.

  • image: On your marks

    On your marks.
    Get ready...

  • image: Get ready

    ... Go ...
    Start the timer...

  • image: Gone...

    ...27 seconds.

Well...That was a tigerDog Christmas!

  • image: Time to sleep.

    Time to sleep.

  • image: Jake asleep.

    Worn out, a full belly.
    All wrapped up.

  • image: Luke asleep.

    I don't want.
    To miss a thing.

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