Birthdays and more Jobs...

Birthday Party.

Zack celebrated his ninth birthday in fine style. He had a party with a few friends.

  • image: Wabbit

    Zack and Guest.
    It will end in tears.

  • image: Games

    Hi-ho Silver.
    "Fun" in the garden.

  • image: Fire Truck

    Nee-na, nee-na, woo, woo.

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The Jobs.. More Jobs.

The year heralded a new round of jobs and career fairs for Zack. Needless to say he never lasted. He was a restless tigerDog searching for the elusive "perfect" job. Involving chicken biscuits. And sleeping. In that order...

  • image: Ventriloquist

    "Gottle of Geer"

  • image: NightClub Doorman

    "If you're not wearing a tie..."

  • image: Rapper

    Gangsta Rapper.
    Sleep Doggy-Dog?

  • image: Boxer

    Bare-paw Boxer.
    Grr, come on then..

  • image: Roses

    Zackie Titchmarsh?

  • image: Still Life

    Artists Model
    Still life a speciality.

  • image: My team

    Football Manager.
    "Come on my team."

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