Our first year of tigerDog ownership

General Pictures.

This is Zack, the original tigerDog. We were never sure of his age but it was assumed he was approximately ten years old. He was a red-brindle lurcher, a true gentleman and natural born poseur..

  • image: Pardon?

    Pardon ? Can you
    repeat the question?

  • image: Hide and Seek

    Zack always lost
    at hide and seek...

  • image: Glasses

    Tut. Tut. Reading
    after lights out

  • image: Smile

    The lurcher smile.
    Come and play

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The Jobs

After serving several years in the Royal-Hare-Force, Zack attempted to find a new career, here are some of the jobs he tried.

  • image: Clairvoyant

    Clairvoyant. Cross my palm
    with ...chicken biscuits.

  • image: Fortune

    The Model.
    Knotted hankie-chic.

  • image: Art

    Artist. Can you tell
    what it is yet?

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Christmas was always a time of excitement.

Zack always looked forward to Santa visiting him.

  • image: I'm Waiting..

    Waiting for Santa..
    Too excited to sleep.

  • image: Present time..

    He's been!..
    Zack and presents.

  • image: Xmas Dinner

    The full Xmas dinner.

  • image: It just got too exciting.

    Too. Much. Pudding...