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As 2010 draws to a close...

Welcome, faithful reader, to yet another (rather irregular) news update for the ever popular tigerDog web site.

We are currently updating the site ready for the new year and some pages are not being carried forward, specifically the tigerDog friends section. However the in-memory page will remain and be moved to a new location.

We have been tracking "hits" to the site over the last year and it is apparent that people have questions about tigerDogs that need answering, so we've asked Jake and Luke for their input. Yes. I know. God help us... Regardless, there will be a new section of Q&A's coming soon.

Did you know - Amusing Site Information.

I have no idea if people read this bit, but if you do I will let you in on a secret.... When you see text in green like this it means that it is a hyper-link to another section of the site. Well duh!.. But it gets better.

If you hover your mouse pointer over a link, you get some additional text describing the link. Try it. On some pages, the links tell a story on their own. Readers of Terry Pratchett will understand. Maybe. Hopefully. Fingers crossed. Or maybe it's just me.....

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Right. Enough! Who is to blame for all this?

This site is dedicated, with love, to Zack. The original tigerDog